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What's Behind The Mask Fashion Collection

Fashion Design



A/W 2022

What's behind the mask collection was inspired by jesters and clowns. I though it would be a fun and versatile way of expressing oneself.
I chose the title because it describes who I am as a fashion enthusiast and designer.
I have never fit in and throughout my life my style has change from goth to harajuku to just wanting to dress how I desire and not put a label on it.
Behind the mask are the cool women who like to be photographed and make a statement for their social media. Women who are not afraid of being different, bold, edgy, and cute. Women who don't fit in and create their own world through fashion.
The core elements for this RTW A/W collection it's about playing with volume and proportion.
Light and dark. Strong and soft.
This collection aims to be edgy and playful with a modern take on prairie style.

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